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A gorgeous website is of no use if no one sees it. Marketing to a targeted audience and nurturing those visitors through the buyers’ journey is the easiest, fastest way to get leads you can convert into customers.

Working with Kosowwwa Digital Agency gives you access to leaders in the modern digital marketing space – with proven results. Our team is even capable of a managing a new product rollout, a brand refresh and coordinating tradeshows, conferences or other business events.

We keep a strong team in-house because the best service is full-service. Our Marketing Managers invest their time and are passionate about the products, people and services they represent. Businesses invest in us because we invest in their success.

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Marketing Software Management

Campaign Management

We Give You Increased Visibility Have a 360 Degree View of Marketing Interactions Daily & Real Time Sales Alerts

We Implement Advanced Marketing Functionality Prospect nurturing / drip marketing based on Solution Selling

Objective Lead Qualification Lead qualification based upon objective criteria like explicit and implicit criteria

Capturing Prospect Intent Site search captures intent of prospect

Keeping the Overall Cost Per Prospect (CPO) Low Personalized “drip” email campaigns keep your organization top of mind with Prospects and tailor the message based upon prospect behavior

Anonymous Visitors are great for Lead Generation We capture anonymous visitors, which can generate you leads

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